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A Guide to Growing Cannabis Clones

Ready to cultivate your own cannabis clone? For all of those with a green thumb looking to continue the long tradition of cannabis growing, we have assembled this video to help blaze your trail. Take a virtual trip to our sunny Salinas Valley farm and learn tips from an expert grower. Whether you’re passionate about cannabis or just looking to learn the other side of your favorite house plant, this instructional can be helpful.

Below, you can also download a PDF of tips for growing indoors or outdoors.

With nearly a century of combined growing experience, Harborside Farms delivers an impressive array of canna-coveted greenhouse grown strains year-round with one of the smallest carbon footprints in the industry. We offer both sativa and indica strains full of terpenes. Our award winning flower is craft grown, Darwin Chamber dried, and masterly cured for clean, flavorful, and powerful results.

We invite you to grow with us.

Tending to Your Cannabis Clone

Harborside Clone Menu:

Ready to start your own grow with clones? Harborside is one of the few dispensaries that sell clones. You can view the selection and reserve for in-store or curbside pick-up. Find Harborside dispensary clones in Okaland, San Jose, San Leandro, and Desert Hot Springs — depending on the season.

A clone order can be reserved for up to 24 hours. Check here for availability. Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver clones. The recreational limit of clones you can buy is 6. You may purchase 12 if you have a medical card. Limited exemptions are verified and applied in-store only.

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