Cannabis is Diversity: Featuring Oakland Extracts

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Terry Buxton​

Founder and CEO of Oakland Extracts

Terryn Buxton started Oakland Extracts for the community. According to Terryn, “We believe that our Town should have access to great quality hash at a price we can all afford.

We learned that success begins with high quality starting material from small, local farms. Over the years we fine-tuned a proprietary technique that allows for maximum terpene retention. Our signature Cookie Crumble wax—and everything we do—focuses on natural flavor and high potency. We never add terps, THC or any other flavorings or additives, and everything we make is single source.”

When cannabis became legal, OE almost didn’t make it. As a black-owned business, they struggled to raise enough capital to get licensed and stay in the game. Now partnering with Jetty Extracts, they’re back and bringing out the “Terps from the Town.”

Quality over quantity. People over profits. Culture over commerce. That’s Oakland Extracts.

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